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This site is one bad motherfucker.

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And Brutally Honest Cards

Brutally Honest Cards by Brutallyhonestcards. Cards for any occasion, but for over-18 only. NSFW Party Game for Adults only. Over 18. No kids Allowed. New baby cards, movie cards, new job cards, valentines cards, birthday cards, happy birthday cards, valentines day, valentines, mothers day, mothering Sunday, new house cards, anniversary cards, dick, dick pic, king of the dicks, iamstevestewart

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Playing the game is easy. All you need is:

1 - One person to download the App

2 - Some paper

3 - Pen or pencil

4 - A strong stomach

These instruction assume 5 people will be playing, but you can have as many people as you like playing at any time.

You’ll need to give each player 5 bits of paper with numbers 1 to 5 written on each scrap.

Each player decides what player number they are and places that number in front of them.

Pick up your remaining cards. If you are player 1 you should have cards 2, 3, 4 and 5 in your hands. If you are player 4 you should have 1, 2, 3 and 5. And so on.

These are your answer cards.

The player with the App then hits the question button and asks the question. For example:

“Who here is the ugliest?”

Each player then decides which other player is the answer. You then place that person’s number card face down in front of you.

Once everyone has answered you turn them over at the same time to reveal who the majority answer is.

In this case it was player 5. Ugly bastard!

He gets nothing for being the correct answer.

Players 1, 2 and 4 get a point each as they picked him and he ended up being the majority answer.

You cannot pick yourself. You don’t hold your own card number so you couldn’t even if you wanted to.

You keep playing rounds until someone storms off in a huff and the person with the most points at that time is the winner.

You can play to a predetermined winners total. That number is up to you.


Feel free to print off the player card sheet below and use those.