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This site is one bad motherfucker.

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And Brutally Honest Cards

Brutally Honest Cards by Brutallyhonestcards. Cards for any occasion, but for over-18 only. NSFW Party Game for Adults only. Over 18. No kids Allowed. New baby cards, movie cards, new job cards, valentines cards, birthday cards, happy birthday cards, valentines day, valentines, mothers day, mothering Sunday, new house cards, anniversary cards, dick, dick pic, king of the dicks, iamstevestewart

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Want a game that will really test how strong your friendships are?

Fancy being able to tell some of your friends exactly what you think of them, all in the name of winning?

How about the chance to feel physically ill while you agonise over which friend you are going to pick as the answer?

If you've answered YES to all of those questions, we need your help to make these opportunities become reality.


It's well simple to play.  It goes a little like this:

Each player is given a number card to identify themselves. Then at the start of each round a person pulls out a question card.

They then asks the highly inappropriate/disgusting/disturbing question.

Example: Who here is the ugliest?

Pretty Brutal, yeah?

The group then picks who, of the players present, they think is the answer to the question (you cannot pick yourself).

Everyone answers by laying their answer card face down. They are then all turned over at the same time to reveal who the majority answer is. If you picked the majority winner, you win a point.

Winner is determined by whoever reaches a pre-agreed high score first or whoever is the leading scorer when the first person storms off in a huff.

The end.


Lads pack

Hen night packs

Relationship packs

And many more coming very soon.


The android App is very here.

The app contains all the Brutally Honest Questions and instruction on how to play.

To get the most out of the game you’ll need player cards. You can download and print off the player cards by clicking the picture below:

The App